President Obama And The Giant Pteropods

By Daniel de la Calle   A couple news for the first half of the week: »US President Barak Obama’s weekly address this past Saturday was a remarkable attempt at pushing for a more environmental and alternative energy agenda while making it sound like the opposite.  Speaking from a jet-engine factory Mr. Obama seemed to […]

Chile, From Santiago to Valparaíso

By Daniel de la Calle After Puerto Montt, the second half of the series of screenings in Chile unfolded at universities in Santiago and Valparaíso.  Although they shared the name, “Universidad Católica”, there was no connection between the two.  We were in Santiago thanks to an invitation by Professor José M. Farina, showing the film […]

The Crossing Of The Andes

By Daniel de la Calle You can fool and distract yourself in the days leading to a trip, go through the motions of packing, closing doors and taking cabs in hypnotic discipline, behave in such a drowsy way during the flight that the experience nears teletransportation, but when the captain’s voice comes in the speaker […]

Reconsider Your Shrimp

By Daniel de la Calle » Williams College, in Williamstown, Mass. is hosting an Oceans Symposium and next Monday, Feb. 27, at 7 p.m., Elizabeth Kolbert, staff writer at The New Yorker, will lead a discussion following a showing of A Sea Change, Imagine a World Without Fish. » Beautiful new documentary on the oceans […]

When You Reach Maturity

By Daniel de la Calle A couple blog entries ago I mentioned A Sea Change has been present so far at more than fifty film festivals worldwide.  We have a saying in Spanish that goes: “life is but a sigh”, partly to show our tragic sense of life, but mainly to stress its brevity.  The […]

Screening at the Oil Company

By Daniel de la Calle from Ipanema Beach, Brazil This past Friday the 28th A Sea Change screened at the CENPES center in Rio de Janeiro.  It is a massive 25 acre complex that employs over 1,500 biologists, chemists, marine ecologists and engineers working in interdisciplinary groups at the Petrobras headquarters, one of the leading […]

Into the Cerrado

By Daniel de la Calle The screening in Goiania marked the beginning of my last week in Brazil. I sped up the visits to the açai na tigela parlor, tried to look more closely at plants in the parks and to spot all the macaques on the electric wires; ay! so many things I would […]

Sao Paulo de Janeiro

By Daniel de la Calle It is 60 degrees, cloudy and windy at times and I am listening to the National’s new record surrounded by maple, oak and pine tress in my office.  No more Tim Maia, Marisa Monte, funky carioca or forró.  No more Os Mutantes.  I will need to close my eyes really […]

Back in Brazil

By Daniel de la Calle The sand in Copacabana is light blond and fine from the relentless beating of the Atlantic. A wall of tall soulless buildings demarcates the long wide beach, describing a perfect gentle curve, like eyelashes to an eye. It takes very little to forget that something was something else not long […]

Back to Brazil, back to FICA

By Daniel de la Calle I really wanted to visit some of the cerrado National Parks during the screening tour in Brazil in March and April, but it was not possible.  The dates did not leave a window of time big enough to “escape” to the countryside between each city.   I thought it would be […]

South of Africa

A couple weeks ago we had several screenings at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town, South Africa. Thanks to the efforts from the Sustainable Seas Trust, Andreas Spath with his While You Were Sleeping team, and Tessa Hempson from the University of Cape Town it was a great success that even took them by surprise. […]

Bicycle Interview

By Daniel de la Calle Barbara and Sven returned from the West Coast a few days back and this past Thursday Sven and I had a chance to go on a morning ride, discuss how Liquigas was doing in the Giro de Italia and talk about the 2010 NOAA Environmental Hero Award ceremony in La […]

Stirring it up on the West Coast

In our last entry, we were touring the gold mining town of Nevada city in our new t-shirts, sporting the logo “make films, not war”.  This was during the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City, just east of Sacramento in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains.  An established environmental film festival, it brings […]

Cupuaçu and Air Conditioning

By Daniel de la Calle Iraquara is a village in a mountainous area called Chapada Diamantina, a place of great natural beauty, full of caves and amazing rock formations.  To get there we left Salvador’s airport through a long and dense giant bamboo tunnel, managed to squeeze out of the city’s chaotic rush hour to […]

Understanding Hens

By Daniel de la Calle Brazilians do not like Brasilia, Brasilienses do. I guess it must be the LA of the Southern Hemisphere. Brasilia was conceived after a dream, but some think of it as a vision, even see it as a prophecy.  In the mid 18th century some Salesian priest in Italy (!) prophesied […]

Dancing the Forro

By Daniel de la Calle The first couple screenings in Rio have been the hardest to set up. I had little time to prepare them, to meet the people that pull the strings six thousand miles away. The amount of trust and generosity people I had only met via email have displayed has been so […]

We Need Your Help!

We’ve just received word from Netflix that A Sea Change is officially a ‘saved’ film in their terminology. This means that they’re waiting to see how many people put it in their queue before they decide if they’ll carry it. With over 50 film festivals worldwide, a national broadcast on Planet Green and hundreds of […]

Glasgow Screening

This report from Scotland comes from Ruth Carruthers, who organized a screening of ASC at the University of Glasgow. “I am pleased to announce that last nights screening of A Sea Change at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, was a great success.  Although the film was hosted by the university’s Zoological Society the screening attracted […]

Niijii Films in Copenhagen

Barbara, Sven, Angela and Gwen have landed in Copenhagen.  We have at least 4 screenings of A Sea Change planned during the COP-15 conference, and we plan to do everything we can to put the oceans on the agenda of discussion for our nations’ leaders.  While there is little likelihood of a significant treaty being […]

NBC anchor Wendy Rieger couldn’t get into DC premiere of A Sea Change

This post would belong in the shameless self-promotion category, except that Wendy Rieger wrote the bulk of it; we're just quoting. Anchor of NBC4 in DC, and originator of the "Going Green" strand, she produced a lovely story on A Sea Change. Wendy decided the next day to attend our DC premiere in person, and […]

A Sea Change World Premiere Mar. 14 at DC Environmental Film Fest

It's official: A Sea Change premiers Saturday, Mar. 14 at the DC Environmental Film Festival, at 3:30 pm. In a fabulous venue: the Baird Auditorium at the National Museum of Natural History, in downtown Washington at the intersection of 10th Street and Constitution Ave., NW. And admission is free! You'll get to meet director Barbara […]

A taste of the World Premiere of A Sea Change at DC Environmental Film Festival

What an amazing night for A Sea Change! We couldn’t have askedfor a more appropriate venue, one floor beneath the Smithsonian’s newlyunveiled Sant Ocean Hall, with an introduction by coral expert Dr. NancyKnowlton, who holds the Sant Chair in Marine Science at the museum. The room was overflowing with what was rumored to have been […]

Sneak Preview Tuesday night at National Constitution Center in Philadelphia

Come join us for a very special Earth Day Eve event at the National Constitution Center on Independence Mall in Philadelphia as we screen A Sea Change as part of the Red, White, Blue & Green series, presented by the Knight Constitutional Conversations series.  Barbara and Sven will take part in a panel after the […]


NEW YORK CITY PREMIERE OF A SEA CHANGE Sept. 13, American Museum of Natural History. Free! Filmmakers Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby present. 4 pm; W. 79th St.. and Central Park West. U.S. TELECASTSat.,Sept. 26, 2009, 8 pm, Planet Green Network. Look for this channel on cable,Direct TV, and more. It's the  first & only […]

Seattle Film Fest Offers NW Premiere of A Sea Change

The Seattle Film Festival presents the Northwest premiere of A Sea Change, the first documentary about ocean acidification. The San Francisco Chronicle says: "This film is both a love letter to the planet and an urgent plea to its citizens." The film screens twice: Monday, June 1, 7 pm, Egyptian Theatre in Seattle; Tuesday, June […]