South of Africa

A couple weeks ago we had several screenings at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town, South Africa. Thanks to the efforts from the Sustainable Seas Trust, Andreas Spath with his While You Were Sleeping team, and Tessa Hempson from the University of Cape Town it was a great success that even took them by surprise. Several people wrote to tell us about their experience.
Andreas said, “we had three sold-out shows, managed to squeeze in some extra people and have arranged for two additional screenings for those who didn’t manage to get tickets the first time. Many audience members told me how inspirational they had found Sven’s personal journey and how empowered they felt by the fact that the movie explained a complex scientific subject in a way they, as lay people, could relate to.”
Tessa was also overwhelmed by the response. She arranged to have some of South Africa’s leading climate change and ocean chemistry scientists present to answer questions after the screenings. “A large proportion of the audience stayed behind every evening to debate everything from how to reduce personal contributions to CO2 emissions, to the potential futures of our oceans, how to exert political pressure to effect change and how best to share this message with our children.  It has been incredible to see how A Sea Change has inspired this level of discussion!”, wrote Tessa.
Here is a picture she took one of the nights:

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