When You Reach Maturity

By Daniel de la Calle

A couple blog entries ago I mentioned A Sea Change has been present so far at more than fifty film festivals worldwide.  We have a saying in Spanish that goes: “life is but a sigh”, partly to show our tragic sense of life, but mainly to stress its brevity.  The documentary that Barbara finished not long ago is reaching maturity and quietly beginning a new life, one where film festival attendances become a bit more apart, where we, the Niijii Films crew, can witness how it’s firmly established itself as the filmic source of reference in all matters ocean acidification.  This is by no means a sign of decay but, quite on the contrary, an indication of its health and the natural progress of things.  And you could be of so much help in the weeks, months and years to come.  How?:
Just two days ago a person that attended our April screening in Sao Paulo wrote asking permission to organize one himself at local MAUA School of Technology.  It fills me with pride to know that that event and the after talk about individual initiatives stayed with Alberto Galvão Branco and now that he sees a chance to do something he has not wasted a minute to contact us.  You could do the very same thing, whether it is at a local college, and environmental organization near your home, a municipal auditorium or space that sits empty most days.  Read HERE, it is quite simple.  It will become the perfect excuse to see friends, build your community, eat something together afterward, become actively engaged in solving the problems that concern you, feel so so helpful.  Plus, it releases lots of endorphins.
If you have any questions that are not answered on our website, do not hesitate to email me:
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Thank you.

I cycle by the shore every morning,
the Mediterranean there was, the Mediterranean there is

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