Media Contact

Ben Kalina, Niijii Films
[email protected]


The filmmakers would like to give a special thank you to Adam Segal at the 2050 Group for his terrific work as our publicist over the first year of our film’s release.  Please direct all current inquiries to Ben Kalina, listed above.
If you’re looking for a great publicist, contact Adam at:

Adam J. Segal
The 2050 Group
(202) 422-4673
[email protected]

Press Notes and Brochures

English Brochure Download the Press Notes (598 KB) 

English Brochure English Brochure (598 KB) 

Spanish Brochure Spanish Brochure (568 KB) 

Portuguese Brochure Portuguese Brochure (533 KB) 

High Quality Images for Media Use

Simply click any image below to download the full size image fro press and media use.