We Need Your Help!

We’ve just received word from Netflix that A Sea Change is officially a ‘saved’ film in their terminology. This means that they’re waiting to see how many people put it in their queue before they decide if they’ll carry it. With over 50 film festivals worldwide, a national broadcast on Planet Green and hundreds of community screenings we’re curious what it takes to get accepted outright. But Netflix has a big audience and we want more people to see the film and learn about ocean acidification, so we see this as a challenge to our network of supporters…you.  If you have a Netflix account or know someone who does, please take a minute to put us in your queue and to ask your friends to do the same thing. It’s free, it’s easy and it will make a difference. Here’s our link

Speaking of documentary film festivals, Barbara and Sven just returned (briefly) home after attending the screening of their film at the Chesapeake Film Festival, while here at the virtual office we were informed that the film had been selected for the Festival du Film de L’environnement in Kairouan, Tunisia, in early December. How nice is that?

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