Belated Post About a Belated Award

By Daniel de la Calle Two weeks ago our director Barbara Ettinger was informed that A Sea Change won last year’s Best Environmental Documentary Award at the Ventura Film Festival in California!  Talk of a job taken seriously, twelve months for the jury to choose us;  the value of this acknowledgement must at least be […]


By Daniel de la Calle       Islands make for miniature universes, like snow globes: they transform a few miles distance into the crossing of a continent, produce insular dwarfism (where even the animals try to scale down and look only into the restricted cosmos) and remarkable adaptation from its species.  I know what it […]

That Elusive Golden Past

By Daniel de la Calle The screening at Maloka and the countless interviews in Bogotá couldn’t have gone any better.  Some sort of miracle, some magic must have turned my pumpkin backpack into the Ocean Acidification ambassador’s golden chariot (caught up in the worst traffic jams ever, though!) and I was welcomed like royalty, asked […]


By Daniel de la Calle I am in Paris now, just for a couple weeks, and my visit has coincided with a fantastic documentary film festival called Pariscience.  From medicine to biology, botany to meteorology, computer or space science, the selection encompasses an impressively broad range of fields of study and research.  For example, yesterday […]

Congrats Toby!!!

Toby Shimin’s last film, BUCK, has just been given the Sundance Audience Award for Best Documentary.  Toby was the editor of A Sea Change and all of Barbara Ettinger’s previous films.  Congratulations, Toby! Buck is directed by Cindy Meehl, here’s a link to Sundance’s announcement. And a link to an article about the film.  Go […]

We Need Your Help!

We’ve just received word from Netflix that A Sea Change is officially a ‘saved’ film in their terminology. This means that they’re waiting to see how many people put it in their queue before they decide if they’ll carry it. With over 50 film festivals worldwide, a national broadcast on Planet Green and hundreds of […]

Winner in Calabria

We just received news that on June 27th A Sea Change won the competition for Best Video at the Gaia International Festival in Calabria, Italy. The film was screened in the beautiful Aieta Renaissance Palace: Michael Leonardi, the Festival Organizer, wrote Barbara Ettinger to tell her the wonderful news and complement the film: “With all […]

Audience Award

Earlier this week A Sea Change won the Best World Documentary Audience Award at the Sedona International Film Festival.  Ever since the FICA Film Festival in Brazil in June of 2009 our documentary has won numerous prizes, but I am sure that this one is particularly meaningful for Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby; we are […]

Back to Brazil, back to FICA

By Daniel de la Calle I really wanted to visit some of the cerrado National Parks during the screening tour in Brazil in March and April, but it was not possible.  The dates did not leave a window of time big enough to “escape” to the countryside between each city.   I thought it would be […]

Doc in Río

By Daniel de la Calle Dear blog readers, During the next forty some days I will be in Brazil, screening the film around cities and representing the A Sea Change crew at an environmental film festival called FASAI, in the state of Bahía. I will do my best to deliver updates of how things go […]

Sao Paulo de Janeiro

By Daniel de la Calle It is 60 degrees, cloudy and windy at times and I am listening to the National’s new record surrounded by maple, oak and pine tress in my office.  No more Tim Maia, Marisa Monte, funky carioca or forró.  No more Os Mutantes.  I will need to close my eyes really […]

Stirring it up on the West Coast

In our last entry, we were touring the gold mining town of Nevada city in our new t-shirts, sporting the logo “make films, not war”.  This was during the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City, just east of Sacramento in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains.  An established environmental film festival, it brings […]