NBC anchor Wendy Rieger couldn’t get into DC premiere of A Sea Change

This post would belong in the shameless self-promotion category, except that Wendy Rieger wrote the bulk of it; we're just quoting. Anchor of NBC4 in DC, and originator of the "Going Green" strand, she produced a lovely story on A Sea Change. Wendy decided the next day to attend our DC premiere in person, and here's what happened:

"I tried to see a movie on Saturday and couldn't get in.  I almost wept with joy.

I went to the Museum of Natural History in the Smithsonian to see the documentary,  A Sea Change, debuting at the D.C. Environmental Film Festival. I had just interviewed the filmmakers the day before and fashioned a story for our 5 p.m. news.

The director, Barbara Ettinger, had voiced some concerns about filling the 550-seat Baird Auditorium. I couldn't bear the thought of this beautiful and important filmechoing into an empty room and vowed to have my butt filling one ofthose seats. . . .

I arrived at the Baird to find a packed house. People were spilling out the door. The show was at 3:30. By 3 p.m. they had to announce standing room only. And by 3:15 they announced no one else could come in.   They were packed to the gills (pun intended). 

As I headed through the museum lobby, I saw people holding the film festival's program. My heart was full. People get it. We are at a critical time in our planet's history.  Unlike the previous 5 billion years,  this time we can have an impact. But we have to understand the problem. We have tolong to be a part of the solution. We have to come out on a rainy Saturday and fight for a seat. 

I never got to see A Sea Change.  But I feel like I'm witnessing one."

Thanks, Wendy; we think you're far more than a witness.

Read the rest of her blog here.

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