President Obama And The Giant Pteropods

By Daniel de la Calle


A couple news for the first half of the week:

»US President Barak Obama’s weekly address this past Saturday was a remarkable attempt at pushing for a more environmental and alternative energy agenda while making it sound like the opposite.  Speaking from a jet-engine factory Mr. Obama seemed to be talking about aircraft manufacture on American soil, about national oil production being at an 8-year high and about the opening of millions of acres for oil drilling, but all that wrapping was the necessary “spoonful of sugar” to once again try to make the renewable, clean and efficient energy “medicine” go down the reluctant American public.  It is worth watching everywhere, here in Europe as well; we are talking about the place where 20% of the world’s oil gets burned:

»Sculptor Cornelia Kubler Kavanagh recently created “The Pteropod Project: Charismatic Microfauna”, a series of 12 sculptures enlarged over 3,000 times of our friend and co-protagonist in A Sea Change, the “winged foot” pteropod.  To make it come to life she collaborated with Dr. Gareth Lawson, of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
Read an essay by Ms. Kubler on The Pteropod Project HERE

If you live in NYC you will also have the chance to see the exhibit at the Blue Mountain Gallery May 22 – June 16 2012.

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»A SEA CHANGE screening in Kansas City tonight (Tuesday March 13t) at 7PM, at the Bragg Auditorium (All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church).

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