Glasgow Screening

This report from Scotland comes from Ruth Carruthers, who organized a screening of ASC at the University of Glasgow.

“I am pleased to announce that last nights screening of A Sea Change at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, was a great success.  Although the film was hosted by the university’s Zoological Society the screening attracted a number of individuals from a range of university departments, including film, geography and English students, as well as professions such as engineers and friends from out with the university. 

It was apparent that until last night most of the people that attended were not aware of the issue of ocean acidification and the film really struck a chord with the audience. The fact that seemed to stick with most people was that the cost of providing the whole of the United States with renewable energy was equivalent to half the country’s war budget. 

The film was followed by cheese and wine in the university’s Zoology Museum, where it was great to see such a diverse mix of people engaging over the topic of ocean acidification, it’s cause and possible solutions to the problem.  Lets hope this is the start of a deeper understanding of this issue in Scotland; a country that relays heavily on the oceans and seas that surround it for food, tourism and renewable energy solutions that will hopefully help tackle this problem.”

Thanks Ruth!

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