Ocean Acidification News, Again

By Daniel de la Calle


I know it has been a while since we last posted news about Ocean Acidification and other related environmental problems on the blog.  In an effort to catch up with the latest information out there, here we offer a first list:

    Scientists launched the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Study in the hope of answering all skeptics’ doubts and suspicions about global temperature rise.  It is highly unlikely any amount of information or further work will convince those who base their lives on not believing that they were wrong, but the numbers are pretty unanswerable and the results are basically the same as we knew (by the way, this time after comparing 1.6 billion temperature reports).  We recommend THIS article by Kelly Levin or to THIS NY Times piece to get more details.

    The Carnegie Institution Department of Global Ecology has set up an expedition to One Tree Island with the purpose of improving our understanding of the effects of Ocean Acidification on coral reefs. There will be a video research diary of those 25 days in Australia with Ken Caldeira and Jack Silverman. Here is the first:

And HERE another.

    Washington Sea Grant has organized a symposium on Ocean Acidification on November 9th at the University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture.  The scientific panel will be moderated  by Richard Feely and a policy/public perception panel by former US Congressman Brian Baird, author of the 2009 Federal Ocean Acidification Research and Monitoring Act.  More info on the previous link and HERE.

    Another Symposium, in the more distant future: The Third International Symposium on the Ocean in a High CO2 World. From September 24th to 27th in Monterey, California. More details HERE.

    This is a cool video that shows about how to make your own soda pop or carbonated milk at home.  It can also serve to demonstrate the effects of Ocean Acidification with a little imagination:

    The Institute of Marine Research has an open position as postdoctoral researcher on the effects of Ocean Acidification on marine zooplankton.  More information on the EPOCA website link HERE.  It is your chance, postdoctoral scientist reading our blog, to live in beautiful Bergen, Norway.  We were there for the filming of A Sea Change and liked it very much.

    350.ORG is promoting a symbolic encircling of the “White House to ask President Obama to reject Keystone XL and to live up to his promise to free us from the tyranny of oil.” They will start at 2PM, carrying signs with Obama’s own words to serve as reminders of his promises.  More info HERE.

    And finally, one more video from NOAA on how carbon emissions influence Ocean Acidification:

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