By Daniel de la Calle

I had not heard about Ocean Acidification until I began working for Niijii Films on A Sea Change. The research, the people we talked to, experts we interviewed, places we saw have affected me deeply. If I had to describe it in a nutshell I would highlight two aspects: I am much more sensitive to the real energy requirements of my daily life (=I am a very high maintenance person for this planet) and I look at fish and the seas with new (sadder) eyes. I try to eat less fish and completely avoid certain species; when I am by or underwater I feel a cocktail of guilt and sadness with a touch of despair. I look at things with the intentness you devote to your love leaving at the station.

This was an introduction to ask a small/big favor from you, our readers, our Facebook friends, “likers”: Barbara Ettinger, the directress, asked me if I could ask you to write to us, directly on Facebook or via email ([email protected]) and tell us if the documentary has affected you in any way, if it has changed anything in your life, in the way you look at things, if it has prompted you to take political action, to make donations, to spread the word about Ocean Acidification, if you plan to organize a screening, join an environmental group, ride the bike to work, eat less candy. I know I have asked for feedback in the past (with little success), so this time I am going to entice you with a FREE DVD copy of the documentary (shipping included, and that is worldwide) to the first visionary person that writes to the email address above with a short/long text and guesses the number between 1 and 10 that I have on a post-it by my refrigerator door. 
Please write to us, do it for Barbara, for Sven, for Elias, do it for my ego, do it so I do not lose my job, so you win a chance to watch the film over and over and over again from the comfort of your couch.

Beautiful beautiful lionfish at the Paris Aquarium (where they have a DVD copy of A Sea Change as well). There is an interesting story about lionfish and their slow spread around the world. You can read it HERE

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