Registration Complete

It seems we were fortunate to get credentialed earlier, as today was another story.  The quiet Bella Center
of yesterday was swamped this afternoon with crowds, and a  two hour
wait  to pick up badges.  By 4:00pm registration for NGO’s was
suspended, as was the issuing of press credentials.  Sven and I stayed
clear of the center, and  focused our energy on tomorrow, when Sven
speaks on behalf of Oceana to to a sidebar audience, on the human
impact of ocean acidification.  He will be sharing the stage with several of our “A Sea Change
cast, including Dick Feely, and Jeff Short.  It is great to be working
with them again, particularly at this critical juncture.  We’ll have a
lot to report tomorrow, with photos of the day.

Dr. Richard Feely has arrived in Copenhagen

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