10 Good News, 10

By Daniel de la Calle

It might be the cosmetic work of politicians, it may be hard to see the good side of it, could even leave you a bit confused, but here are 10 pieces of news that could ignite (emissions free, of course) true, authentic change:

1   Britain decides to stop airport growth around London to try to curb its emissions. The decision came from Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.

2   Researches studying the Cretaceous period have discovered that many marine creatures survived ancient cases of ocean acidification.
This very same argument has repeatedly been mentioned by climate change, ocean acidification and environmental disaster skeptics, ignoring the basic importance of gradual adaptation, but it is nice to think that some things could have a chance to survive the new pH levels in our oceans, even if we might not be here to witness it.  I would just feel horrible if I thought we are killing everything.

3   China has become the biggest energy user, passing the US.
I am no US citizen, but if I was I would probably be a little relieved to know that the rest of the world can point its finger somewhere else to uncover the biggest piggy of all. Let’s skip that there are four Chinese for every US citizen, I do not want to spoil my third point.
Maybe China, as the biggest energy user and future First-World power will do the leading the US is failing to do. Hope is clearly a state of mind.

4   A new monitoring buoy has been deployed off the North Olympic Peninsula to check the composition of seawater coming into the Sound and Hood Canal.
More monitoring equipment and money spent on research. Always feels good.

5   President Obama launches a 10 point policy to protect the US National Waters. And one of the key issues will be Ocean Acidification.

6   Monterey, CA, will host the Third Symposium on The Ocean in a High CO2 World in 2012.
This will come at a time when public awareness on this threat to the environment is much higher than in Paris 2008.

7   Thanks to the band Pearl Jam the term “ocean acidification” has appeared on Rolling Stone’s website. This is what I call a clear sign of hope. One of the problems of Ocean Acidification was that the media did nor find it hot enough, that the term was not catchy, but how can you get any cooler than having Pearl Jam release a song about the oceans and giving the proceedings to Conservation International’s Marine Programs?
In the article they mention Eddie Vedder’s interest and worry about renewable energy, ocean acidification, alternative energy, sustainable fishing and beach clean up work.
The video has some nice footage, by the way. Need to listen to the song more to see if is shower whistle-able.

8   A new study shows that baby fish become confused and reckless in more acidic water.

How can this be good news? Well, it is good news because it is knowledge, and knowledge is always good. Also, if we know more about the effects of ocean acidification on marine creatures we will see a broader picture of what is at stake and there will be a greater chance of action through public demand and legislation. Pathetic the number of websites that have covered this news about the fish having a “death wish” under acidic oceans. Does everything need to be or become a joke?

9   The National Research Council published a new book on Ocean Acidification titled “Ocean Acidification: A National Strategy to Meet the Challenges of a Changing Ocean”.

And you can read the whole book online for free here

10   The EPOCA project (European Project on Ocean Acidification) is under way, an initiative employing 100 researchers worldwide, 30 of them in the Arctic.
Nice to see The Economist writing about Ocean Acidification as well.

OK, I have to run now to pick up my daughter and head to our little village in the Andalusian mountains. I hope you find some of the links interesting.

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