McKenzy Haber Eco Drives at IUCN World Conservation Congress

He may be only 12 years old, but McKenzy Haber held first place atthe Toyota Eco Drive exhibit in Barcelona. Here he explains and testdrives for us. Turns out he’s also in third, fifth, seventh &eighth places. What’s that about "and a little child shall lead them?"Mind you, in two years McKenzy can drive legally in Alaska, one of hishome states, so as his mother pointed out, it’s not too soon to learnabout fuel efficiency. Thanks for the demo, McKenzy.

Thanks also to his mother, Kat Haber, who we first met at a workshop on 3-D simulations and environmental education led by Save Our Seas. Both Kat and I were interested in how interfaces like Second Life‘s might be used for virtual conferences, Kat thinking of the next meeting of the Wild Foundation. Maybe 8,000 people won’t have to all be in one place for the next IUCN WCC. Save some money, make a smaller carbon impact–worth exploring.

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