Day 2

Barbara and I are here in Copenhagen at COP-15 to continue our efforts to get oceans and ocean acidification onto the global climate agenda.  We are part of the team from Scripps and the University of California.  Towards that end, I was asked to give a talk yesterday on Ocean Acidification and its Human Impacts.  Not being a scientist, I am allowed to discuss the possible human impacts from a subjective viewpoint.  Yet, speaking to a room of scientists I have to do so with information that is fully rooted in and guided by their research.  In the same way, discussions following our screenings of “A Sea Change” have to underscore the urgency of citizen action towards policy changes, but not with a tone that begins to feel apocalyptic.  That in a nutshell is the challenge of the work we find ourselves doing.  Today is Day 2 of the meetings and further reports will follow.
-Sven Huseby

From L-R: Jeffrey Short, Brad Warren, Richard Feely, Sven Huseby, Barbara Ettinger

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