Another sea change

This courtesy of economist Mark Thomas’ blog Economist’s View:

"Americans consider global warming an urgent threat, according to poll,EurekAlert: A growing number of Americans consider global warming animportant threat that calls for drastic action, and 40% say that a presidentialcandidate’s position on the issue will strongly influence how they vote,according to a national survey conducted by Yale University, Gallup and theClearVision Institute.

‘One of the most surprising findings was the growing sense of urgency," saidAnthonyLeiserowitz, director of the Yale Project on Climate Change and the study’sprincipal investigator. "Nearly half of Americans now believe that globalwarming is either already having dangerous impacts on people around the world orwill in the next 10 years – a 20-percentage-point increase since 2004. Theseresults indicate a sea change in public opinion.’" [emphasis ours]

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