World Ocean Day 2009–party with A Sea Change

The problem of ocean acidification is global.

Californiajan08day1023inThat’s why we want to spark awareness of the issue with a series of international events on World Ocean Day 2009, June 8.

As an anchor event we invite you to screen A Sea Change. Maybe you’d like to use the opportunity to raise awareness around your own ocean- or climate-change related issue. Or simply screen the film as a stand-alone event. Perhaps you’d like to present a panel discussion afterward, including scientists and other experts from your own region. Other possible events could be a weekend of ocean-related activities for all ages. Or a webcast linking celebrations across the globe. Maybe a flotilla in your local harbor.Sfts_logo_notag_final

Already on board are our partners Sailors for the Sea. We’ll be screening the film with them in Boston, building other local events around the screening.

We’re hoping that related events will take place on every continent, and that these events can be linked via the Internet. Ocean acidification is an international concern. We need to work together to solve it.

We’ll complete editing of the film by the end of this year. In the meantime, we’re eager to start conversations with you about supporting our shared goal for protecting the oceans.

Please let us know if you’d like to partner with us for World Ocean Day 2009. Let’s have the best party ever and invite the world.

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