The Perfect Loaf

We stumbled on this bread shop close to where the filmmakers for
A Sea Change are staying in Copenhagen. No sign outside, we just
happened to peer in and saw these scrumptious loaves. They are as good
as they look. The crust is chewy yet crisp, and the loaf itself moist.
Yeast-free: the bread rises via the sour-dough method. We devoured our
bread with the cheese the baker recommended. Also organic, from the
shop two doors down. Made with sea salt and reminiscent of Parmesan,
the cheese is produced by the well-known green dairy Thise. It’s called
Vesterhavs, and no, we can’t say it either but we can point real good!

turned out that the bakery was founded by Michelin-starred chef Bo
Bech, whose fantasy for years was establishing a bakery with the sole
product of the perfect loaf. In our book: fantasy come true. And at a
price we can afford: 300 Dkroner.

Recommended storing: outside of your frig, wrapped in a cloth to maintain the gorgeous crust texture.

Bakery address:
Store Kongensgade 46
DK – 1264 Copenhagen K

For more about the bakery and Bo Bec:…

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