Testimonial for A Sea Change from a Climate Project presenter

"I received A Sea Change after I returned home from work Monday. I finally had a chance today to sit and watch it and I was beyond impressed!  It is a wonderful journey of discovery that Sven and Elias takes us on. So perfectly made. BRAVO!!! 

I hope with all my heart that as many people as possible watch this. I will do everything I can to forward those to your social network pages, and please let me know if there is anything more I can do.

Like Sven and many others in A Sea Change, once I learned about the problem of ocean acidification I have been able to think of little else.The dire message of ocean acidification is beautifully conveyed in the film and does a wonderful job of highlighting the duty of us all to become educated and called to action.

THANK YOU so much for arranging to send this. I cannot wait to bring it to Nashville!"

—Jess Reese, The Climate Project Presenter

The Climate Project consists of 2,600 dedicated volunteersfrom throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, India, Spain, andthe UK, all personally trained by Al Gore to educate the public aboutclimate change. TCP presenters have reached a combined 4 million peopleworldwide. Jess will be presenting A Sea Change at TCP's North American Summit in May.

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