Sao Paulo de Janeiro

By Daniel de la Calle It is 60 degrees, cloudy and windy at times and I am listening to the National’s new record surrounded by maple, oak and pine tress in my office.  No more Tim Maia, Marisa Monte, funky carioca or forró.  No more Os Mutantes.  I will need to close my eyes really […]

SCRIPPS and A Sea Change: Science and Cinema on a Mission

On Friday night we had a reunion in La Jolla with our colleagues from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  It was the first time we had gotten together since we stormed COP15.  After much strategizing, we have decided to have a repeat performance at COP16 in November.  We concluded that we had, in fact, made […]

NBC DC reports on A Sea Change

Anchor Wendy Rieger produced a story on A Sea Change last week, leading up to our premiere Saturday in the DC Environmental Film Festival. Below is an excerpt. Wendy reports on environmental issues regularly in her series “Going Green” on NBC 4 in Washington.

Washington Post reviews A Sea Change

Ann Hornaday reviews A Sea Change in today's issue of The Washington Post (March 12). An excerpt: "The story of a retired educator who becomes interested in, and finally consumed by, the declining state of the world's oceans, the film [A Sea Change] brings a crucial and little-known issue to the attention of filmgoers. The […]

A Sea Change reviewed by Prof. Jeff Levinton, Stony Brook University

"The feeling that we have stolen something from our children falls heavy on the old, who wonder whether they have done right by themselves, their family, and their society. Sven Huseby feels this deeply as he discovers that his generation has profoundly changed the atmosphere by adding carbon dioxide. The ocean will acidify and perhaps […]

Matter Network reviews A Sea Change

Erica Gies reviewed A Sea Change March 6. Here's a brief excerpt (read the whole review here): "Ocean acidification is such a scary problem that many people would rather not think about it — kind of like climate change. But “A Sea Change” goes a long way toward making this uncomfortable topic oh-so-human." In case […]

Testimonial for A Sea Change from a Climate Project presenter

"I received A Sea Change after I returned home from work Monday. I finally had a chance today to sit and watch it and I was beyond impressed!  It is a wonderful journey of discovery that Sven and Elias takes us on. So perfectly made. BRAVO!!!  I hope with all my heart that as many […]

Grist reviews A Sea Change

"One reviewer has called it a “global warming horror documentary.”And there is certainly plenty to fear as Huseby—and the audience—learnsmore and more about the threat of ocean acidification. He interviewsscientists who tell him 118 billion metric tons (or 118 billion VW Bugsworth) of CO2 have already been absorbed by the ocean. He watches theenamel of […]