Grist reviews A Sea Change

"One reviewer has called it a “global warming horror documentary.”And there is certainly plenty to fear as Huseby—and the audience—learnsmore and more about the threat of ocean acidification. He interviewsscientists who tell him 118 billion metric tons (or 118 billion VW Bugsworth) of CO2 have already been absorbed by the ocean. He watches theenamel of a human tooth quickly dissolve after sitting in a cupful ofcarbonated water. He listens during a conference where scientists askeach other how they missed this big issue—and whether we’re alreadyscrewed (answer: probably).

But despite all this, A Sea Change emerges as more love story than horror flick. . . .

Huseby is more energized than ever in his quest to publicize thedual threats of ocean acidification and global warming. During a paneldiscussion following a Seattle International Film Festival screening,Huseby announced that he’ll be attending the United Nations ClimateChange Conference in Copenhagen this December and will be showing thefilm there. He’s also planning screenings for the National Oceanic andAtmospheric Administration (NOAA) and a UN delegation. He’s even beenasked to testify on the topic in front of Congress.

“We have a 10-15 year window to make some noise,” he said. “I wouldlove to see the term ‘ocean acidification’ become part of the politicaldiscourse.”

And thanks to this film—and Huseby’s love of the ocean—it just might."

—Sarah van Schagen, Grist

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