Settling into Copenhagen

This is a fantastic city.  It is beautiful, friendly, easy to navigate and the food is fabulous.  It’s interesting to see the COP15 attendees trickling in and creating a wave in the generally cheerful and polite culture.  Today we saw the Greenpeace boat parked at the harbor, with signs attached to its sides, condemning coal and emboldening the citizenry to act.  Then we passed the first set of protesters we’ve seen so far, evidently from Germany, marching down a main street while chanting, with colorful signs in their arms.  The city parks are cluttered with scaffolding in the last minute rush to erect bold art pieces on climate change.
We are settled in here, and enjoying our small apartment.  There is a good food store around the corner and down the cobblestone street.  We spent the entire day meeting with friends from all over the world, as we all prepare to do what we can, while we are here.

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