Sailing to Barcelona

Our hats are off to those who can attend a conference and blog daily. Hat_pileWe can only observe dumbfounded as we stumble into bed after a day and evening of screenings, discussions, serendipitous encounters, and hurried visits to email and that huge congress calendar. Luckily someone had the foresight to create a cheat sheet for the marine events, or we’d still be stuck on Day 1.

Anyway, we’re in the process of getting caught up with IUCN World Conservation Congress events and no better place to start than last Saturday’s cocktail party launching Sailing to Barcelona. Iucn_presidentDrinks and snacks moved freely around the party and outgoing IUCN President Valli Moosa entered into the spirit of the evening, donning a sailor’s cap following his welcome speech.

The Antinea Foundation sponsored a truly beautiful multimedia presentation, Legend, mixing spoken word, live music, and sumptuous ocean photos. Okay, it was a bit too long—we were all on our feet—but personally, I could gaze at undersea creatures all day and am tempted to take up diving. (Could we save the ocean now, please?)Antinea_multimedia_2

The whole thing took place in the Museu Marítim de Barcelona, an imposing building filled with old ships of various kinds and a wooden submarine (you heard me) out front.

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