Olivia Chantecaille at the Oceans Pavilion in Barcelona

Olivia_chantecailleOlivia Chantecaille attended the roll-out of a gorgeous booklet called Gems of the High Seas at the Oceans Pavilion. Chantecaille Cosmetics, of which she is creative director, sponsored the booklet’s publication.Gems of the High Seas focuses on six beautiful and endangered regions of the ocean.

Ms. Chantecaille said: "The strongest message that I’ve gotten from this trip to Barcelona is how urgent it is to protect the ocean and how quickly things are changing."

The company has partnered with the Pew Institute for Ocean Science to focus attention on marine issues. Five percent of the sales from their line of “Protected Paradise” Face and Eyes compacts is going towards the Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation, which awards $150,000 to each of five ocean experts annually to develop solutions to critical ocean challenges. Many think of the fellowship as the Nobel Prize of marine conservation.

The event was part of the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona and took place October 8.

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