Enough of the “evil twin”

By Daniel de la Calle

They might partly share its origin, but Ocean Acidification is not the “evil twin” of Global Warming.  They operate in quite a different fashion and their effects upon the planet, both present and future, even contrasting at times.
Most importantly though, this “evil twin” business indirectly implies that there is a “good twin”, just like the “black sheep” metaphor only works in a herd of white sheep.  Lastly, it is just another way to let Global Warming be the focus of discussions and worries, and Global Warming is already recognized and seems to have grabbed the public’s attention, for all that seems to be worth.

I see the need for branding, of coming with the catchy term that sticks in the mind and makes people talk.  Months ago on a previous post I mentioned how during the Seattle Conference three years ago (at the beginning of the documentary) scientists were concerned with the difficulty and “unsexiness” of the term Ocean AcidificationOcean Acidification is like a tongue twister with undesirable undertones to high school chemistry class, but trademarking always makes me unease, I see it as the first step in trivializing problems, events and concepts, a way to sand them down sucking the life out of them.
A couple weeks ago I talked with friends about some of the words we see abused in regards to nature, healthy lifestyles or the environment, twisted to sell us products thanks to what companies and politicians already know we care about.  These are a few:

Mediterranean Diet


Since this post was about family relations, here is a picture of bestefar and grandson that had not been made public yet.

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