COP-15 for naught?

You may have noticed the drop off in our blogging. We're finding Twitter a super convenient way to convey info quickly. There's a certain ease in the short-form format; we don't feel the need to craft our language quite as carefully. And it's unbeatable for live coverage of an event. If you've been following us, you know we tweeted quite a bit at Netroots Nation last week.

But we're hearing a bit about what's not going to happen in Copenhagen in December this year and want to devote a bit more space that topic.

Two recent stories in Grist:

Game theorist Bruce Bueno de Mesquita says COP-15 doomed already

Yvo de Boer of UN climate convention says 350 ppm is a pipe dream, that there's "no hope in hell."

Frankly, we're not relying on COP-15 anyway. Sure we're planning to show. But it's determined CITIZENS we're counting on, NOT GOVERNMENTS. Citizens are nimble; governments are ponderous—they move at the speed of old-school glaciers.

>And TIME IS JUST TOO SHORT TO DILLY DALLY and wait for someone else to save us.

We'll keep working on getting the word out about the connection between excess carbon dioxide and changing seawater chemistry. And the urgent need to cut emissions, starting at home.

We hope you'll join us.

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