Convincing the Skeptics with Science and Film

We have just dragged our weary bodies back from a long, but productive day. The screening at the Danish Film Institute was excellent, with the Huffington Post and Carbon War Room in attendance, along with other engaged parties. We remain endebted to the scientists who continue to participate in the Q&A after the film – they are our partners, and the best in the world at what they do. Together, we do an effective job of convincing even the most skeptical. Ocean acidification is getting a buzz at COP15. We are so relieved.

Organic Danish apples for sale inside the Bella Center.  A pedalcart!

How old will you be in 2050?  International youth group.

Sven with the Yale COP15 contingent.

On the jacket: Oil Lobby
Sign: Recruiting E-Mail Hackers
Nose: Fake

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