Blue Vision Summit begins March 7, 2009

We just found out about this event and are definitely interested in supporting it in some way. Over and over again, ocean scientists, lawyers, and conservationists tell us that we know very little about the ocean and that ocean research is grossly underfunded. We’re also hearing repeatedly that we have very little time to learn more, especially about ocean acidification, and change how we’re treating the seas.

The Blue Vision Summit takes place March 7 to 10, 2009, in Washington, DC. Planned events include meeting with elected officials to lobby for ocean protections, specifically the passage of the Americans Ocean Act (legislation we need to learn more about).

Very little information is available on line yet; however, the Summit is sponsored by the Blue Frontier Campaign. They have a mailing list and I imagine that if you sign up on it, you’ll be updated as the Summit takes shape. (Or email us and we’ll send you the flyers we were forwarded.)

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