A Sea Change at World Conservation Congress

We were delighted earlier this week by an invitation to screen the trailer for A Sea Change in Barcelona next month. The occasion is the World Conservation Congress, a four-yearly gathering sponsored by IUCN.

They expect thousands of attendees from civil society, academia, and governments around the world. The structure is a four-day Forum, with some formal structure, e.g., workshops, and a six-day Assembly: basically, it’s a ministerial for the environment.

We were squeezed in at the last minute, so don’t yet know exactly when the trailer will screen. We do know that screenings will definitely take place in the Marine and Futures pavilions.

Niijii is sending two representatives, so not only will we be ableto keep you posted regarding exactly when and where the trailer willscreen; we’ll also be blogging, with both text and video, about theCongress itself. Expect the blend of topics you’ve come to know andlove on this blog: marine science, climate issues, and groovysustainability–e.g., the building the Congress is housed in isevidently super green, so we’ll certainly blog about that. And thisjust may be the excuse we’ve been waiting for to splurge on thatawesome Freitag laptop sleeve.

And if you’re attending the Congress, please let us know. We’d loveto do a little face time and maybe explore partnering possibilities for2009 when the feature-length doc is out.

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