Winterless Spring

By Daniel de la Calle

As seasons disappear and blend together, summer swallowing autumn and winter coming in glimpses and bursts, spring is still our queen of hope, a beginning, the unraveling of emotions and profusion: creativity.
If you live in a city spring might make you lust green in the eyes and in mouth, an irresistible desire to chew on leaves and watch berries grow.  Do not worry, this is completely normal and thanks to Swedish design firm Plantagon will soon be possible… in the city of Linköping.
By the end of 2013 they hope to have finished the first 17-story high “vertical greenhouse”; maybe the idea will propagate.
“The greenhouse will serve as a regenerating food bank, tackling urban sprawl while making the city self-sufficient. Plantagon predicts that growing these plants in the city will make food production less costly both for the environment and for consumers, a key shift as the world’s population grows increasingly urban—80 percent of the world’s residents will live in cities by 2050, the United Nations estimates.”


If you currently live or happen to be in Australia do not miss the chance to visit the exhibit titled “Coral: Art, Science Life” at Macleay Museum, in the University of Sydney.  Fascinating concept; you know how we like that mix of art, science and nature:
“In Coral: art four artists exhibit works that explore our relationship with this fragile waterscape. In Coral: science the work of four University scientists demonstrates the importance of research for understanding the reefs and their future. In Coral: life two schools in the Torres Strait share their vision of living on the reefs of the Coral Sea.”
More info HERE

PHOTO: Jenny Pollak, 1 Degree of Separation, 2011, courtesy the artist and the Macleay Museum.

And following up on the idea of abundance and visual beauty, enjoy this video of the now almost famous Jellyfish Lake, on the island of Palau:

Those stingless jellyfish resemble flying and blossoming flowers in outer space, which takes my typing fingers to the cherry blossoms in Washington DC, which we assume must be at their peak these days.  If anyone is interested in the science behind such synchrony:

We want to finish today with a gratifying, grand finale aftertaste, so here you have the “Stars as Viewed from the International Space Station”, a reminder of the beauty around us.

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