Using A Sea Change to raise awareness about ocean acidification, COP-15, World Ocean Day, or your kitchen sink

We're definitely wanting to make this site more useful to visitors. In the not-too distant future we'll be adding more functionality. Like an interactive map so you can locate a nearby screening (will you be in Australia for World Ocean Day? We might.) And something like a "Get Busy" tab so you can take immediate action, with links to info on upcoming legislation, gatherings like the Blue Vision Summit and Powershift. We're especially interested in events leading up to COP-15 right now. (Just in case you didn't know, it begins at the end of November 2009, and is the international follow-up to Kyoto.)

WE HAVE BIG DREAMS! Sorry, just had to say that, loud. We want A Sea Change to make a difference in Copenhagen. Whether by informing Americans so that we become more active participants in the discussion, raising awareness among the international community regarding the threat of ocean acidification, touching people's hearts, actually screening during COP-15, or all of the above. Or something completely different.

Perhaps a long way of saying: approach us, please. Are you interested in setting up a series of screenings in your region which might kick off on World Ocean Day? Perfect. Would you like to use a 20-minute excerpt of A Sea Change to complement discussion of climate or ocean issues among policy makers? Yes, please! 

Or maybe you'd like to help us strategize about setting up the syndicated panel we're visualizing for World Ocean Day (which we're celebrating June 6, by the way, a Saturday). You're our new best friend!

We can put you in touch with NGOs who are already leveraging A Sea Change to support their missions. Like Seafood Alliance, Alaska Marine Conservation Council, NRDC, and more in the works. Just let us know if you'd like more information.

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