Valerie Burgener sums up Sailing to Barcelona

Click to Play Valérie Burgener was instrumental in coordinating the activities of Sailing to Barcelona, one of the initiatives of the IUCN World Conservation Congress. Here she sums up the successes of the initiative. One big problem: the boats were a 40-min. metro ride away from the bulk of the Congress activities (at the Forum). […]

What we don’t know about the ocean is most of it

We know nothing about the ocean, so we don’t care. Which means we don’t act to protect it. Here three ocean lovers discuss the pteropod (yes, our gorgeous old friend), and move on to our ignorance of the ocean. OliviaChantecaille is creative director for ChantecailleCosmetics and a major supporter of ocean conservation. Gwen Alston is […]

Acid Test

Oceana just published a comprehensive report on oceans and climate change, Acid Test. We particularly like the graphic on their site which shows the chemical reactions between carbon dioxide, seawater, and calcium carbonate, the major building block of shells. The report details the causes and implications—ecological and economic—of ocean acidification, and lays out solutions. The […]

Obama promises presence at December climate talks

At a rope line in Columbus, Ohio on Nov. 2, Barack Obama says hewill either go to the U.N. climate talks in Poland this December, orsend a team in his place. Greenpeace has a campaign urging the President-Elect to go in person. Which would be huge. We’ve signed up: how about you?

Climate change naysayers

We discovered this on YouTube, in a series called "Climate Denial Crock of the Week." The video maker is Peter Sinclair, an advocate of environmental awareness and energy alternatives. Here's what he has to say about it: "Climate Deniers S. Fred Singer and Dennis Avery make their livingby confusing and obfuscating the science of climate […]

“Brave New Ocean”

If this lecture doesn’t scare you straight, nothing will. Dr. Jeremy Jackson discusses human-created ocean impacts: habitat destruction, overfishing, introduced species, warming, acidification, toxins, and massive runoff of nutrients. We’re facing major extinctions. Just for starters, he says that, because of ocean acidification, “some day we’ll have no seashells on the beach.” Definitely a downer. […]

A Sea Change screened at AGU

A Sea Change had its own session at the AGU Fall Meeting on Dec. 16. We screened an excerpt of the fine cut, with Q&A following. Here science journalist Christina Reed introduces the film.

A Sea Change segment on C-Span

Director Barbara Ettinger and co-producer/protagonist Sven Huseby appeared on "Washington Journal" March 21 to discuss A Sea Change, the first documentary on ocean acidification. Here's the complete segment.

The other CO2 problem

Have we mentioned that claymation is one of our absolute favorite things? You can imagine how thrilled we were to hear about a new film which uses that medium to teach about ocean acidification. Made by kids! Students from Ridgeway School in Plymouth created The Other CO2 Problem, which debuted in Copenhagen before 100 internationalscientists […]

Oceans & climate change

James Baker discusses the impact of global warming on coral reefs, ocean acidification, chemistry of the atmosphere and ocean, and growing public awareness of the issues.  Formerly, Baker was NOAA's Undersecretary of Commerce/Administrator during the Clinton Administration. He currently serves as Director of the Clinton Foundation's Global Carbon Measurement Program.The talk was given at Cornell […]

A Sea Change screening in San Diego for World Oceans Day

Elena and Dennis of Sea Rocket Bistro appeared on Channel 6 in San Diego to promote their World Oceans Day screenings of A Sea Change. The best advocates we could ask for! Sea Rocket Bistro is a farm-to-table restaurant that focuses on localfoods in order to provide a more physical connection between their guestsand the […]

KGO ABC7 News covers A Sea Change

Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby of Niijii Films interviewed on KGO, ABC 7, just before the West Coast premiere of A Sea Change at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

World Oceans Day Q&A with Filmmakers of A Sea Change

Following a screening of A Sea Change at the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries, Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby answer questions about the film and ocean acidification. The plan was to receive tweeted questions and emails from other venues screening for World Oceans Day. Well, we couldn’t get online: Verizon decided to test its […]