We’d definitely like to see this: star power (Julia Roberts, Woody Harrelson, Sheryl Crow) plus humor (how many french fries does it take to run that thing?) plus scary facts plus solutions.

We do wonder about biodiesel as the cure-all, but we don’t know if that’s what he’s proposing. We’ll just bide our time, see if Fuel gets any theatrical play back East, and if not, wait for the broadcast. We just know it’ll be picked up. If the equation above wasn’t enough, Fuel won the Audience Award for Best Doc at this year’s Sundance. Get the picture?

Fuel‘s Synopsis (from the website):

"Most Americans know we’ve got a problem: an addiction to oil that taxesthe environment, entangles us in costly foreign policies, and threatensthe nation’s long-term stability. But few are informed or empoweredenough to do much about it. Enter Josh Tickell, an expert youngactivist who, driven by his own emotionally charged motives, shuttlesus on a revelatory, whirlwind journey to unravel this addiction—fromits historical origins to political constructs that support it, toalternatives available now and the steps we can take to change things."

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