Summer News Sample

By Daniel de la Calle

Children in Rio de Janeiro were on vacation during the three days of the Rio+20 summit. Some schools organized activities for them, such as art projects using plastics and recyclable materials.

Science Magazine recently published an article on Ocean Acidification and the results coming from a new high resolution computer model
and revealing the profound impact it will have over the next four decades "on waters off the West Coast of the United States, home to one of the world’s most diverse marine ecosystems and most important commercial fisheries. These impacts have the potential
to upend the entire marine ecosystem and affect millions of people dependent upon it for food and jobs."
THIS is the link to the article and if you click
HERE you can watch an animation on the
changes in the California Current System

to an New York Times opinion piece by John Beddington and Jane Lubchenco on Ocean Acidification (written prior the RIO+20 summit held last week)

VIDEO: "Rio+20: Addressing Ocean Acidification"
"Seawater chemistry is changing due to the ocean’s absorption of carbon dioxide. Ocean acidification is an emerging global issue with potentially serious impacts on the marine environment, marine biodiversity, and food security. This event explores our
current understanding of ocean acidification and its potential impacts, discusses opportunities for international collaboration and capacity-building, and highlights the importance of ocean acidification research through an international observing network."

Want to watch a slideshow on the effects of Ocean Acidification in Manila clams?:


Just a quick reminder of the upcoming "Oceans in a High Carbon Dioxide World" symposyum to be held in Monterey, California, between the
24th and the 27th of September.  It will be the largest gathering of international experts (about 500) on Ocean Acidification.  

Watch the preview of an upcoming student created documentary on Ocean Acidification:

Ocean Acidification (Preview) from
on Vimeo.

Student Created Preview for an upcoming documentary about ocean acidification.

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