Ocean chemistry 101 for the lay person

Coral_tmbyaleThe Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media just published a very good article by Marah J. Hardt and Carl Safina explaining ocean acidification. Their primary audience is journalists, but any layperson will find it a valuable resource for understanding the issue.

"Changing ocean chemistry threatens the survival of marine life asmuch as warming temperatures. Understanding the basic chemistry ofocean acidification and the relevant consequences for people andwildlife are keys to effective journalism on an issue of growingimportance and interest to media audiences.

Far-reaching implications – a threatened food supply, lost coastalprotection, diminished biodiversity, and disrupted carbon cycling -arise from these chemical reactions. The story involves fundamentalchange within the largest living space on the planet, changes that arehappening fast, and right now. . . ."

You can read the rest of the article here.

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