Ocean Acidification Breaks the Surface

Today is Ocean Day at COP-15.  The day began with a bang with a major piece from the BBC quoting the UK’s Environmental Minister, Hilary Benn, regarding the importance of ocean acidification.
  Barbara and I attended panel presentations at the European
Environmental Agency (EEA) here in Copenhagen.  Speaker after speaker
spoke about the changes we are seeing in our oceans as a result of the
22 million tons of CO2 that they are absorbing per day.  Yes, 22
million tons per day.
Tonight we are looking forward to a talk at the EEA by Dr. Jane Lubchenco, current administrative head of NOAA.  She has been a leader in environmental science and marine ecology.
 We are most fortunate because she knows ocean acidification.  Her
research work is broadly respected and she is a former recipient of the
MacArthur Fellowship

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