Lazaro Ramos

By Daniel de la Calle

One of the things that worry me the most when I do the screenings or talk to people here in Brazil is that it feels I am preaching amongst believers.  The vast majority of Brazilians that do not know about Ocean Acidification, the ones that do not care about or deny the environmental disasters taking place around the globe are missing, do not see the documentary, do not come to this site. At times I wonder if anyone actually reads this blog or if it is simply my family and friends.

But all of this is going to change now.  I have a brilliant plan that, with a little help from Google and its search engine, is going to be the best Ocean Acidification campaign in Brazil ever.

The other day we were having dinner at a restaurant in Fortaleza and a very famous television and movie actor called Lazaro Ramos came with his friends and sat right beside us.  I could have misinterpreted things, but it felt like a sign, such things cannot happen by chance.  I only had my phone with me, but nevertheless my buddy Miguel and I came up to him and asked if we could have our picture taken.  What a nice guy, you can simply tell from the way he smiles that he must be a fantastic man.  I have also been told that he is a very very good and well respected actor.  Anyway, he quickly said he was happy to.  In Brazil people do the thumbs up thing all day long. We discuss and hypothesize about the difference between one and two thumbs up and the importance of the inclination and level of extension of the thumb, so I whispered to Miguel we had to put a thumb up for Lazaro.
Surprised, in disbelief and shrugging his shoulders he told a friend: “they say they are from Spain”.
So here we are, Daniel de la Calle, Lazaro Ramos and Miguel Gil Pascual, in Fortaleza. And Lazaro Ramos put two thumbs up, the maximum a normal homo sapiens can raise. I am so happy.

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