Interns & volunteers invited

Great news: we’re building up momentum and A Sea Change isn’t out yet. We knew the public would care about ocean acidification once they knew about it. We’re being proved right.

But that means we could use some help, especially with outreach.

And what the heck is outreach? Just letting our core audience know about A Sea Change and about the subject of ocean acidification. Going where they hang out, virtually and physically. Chatting. Exchanging info. You’ll get to meet lots of interesting people.

Sound appealing?

Internship Details
The focus would be web-based: researching ocean acidification, contributing to our blog, driving traffic to and creating content in our various social networks. You’d need access to a computer of your own and work mostly virtually, with face meetings bi-weekly: our key crew members are based in Brooklyn, Germantown, and Philadelphia.

The possibility for non-virtual activities will emerge, as we develop partnerships with local organizations in connection with a number of 2009 events.

This internship is for you if you like to do research, to write, are interested in environmental issues and/or film distribution, are comfortable in the web 2.0 world and able to work independently.

This is a volunteer position, open to current students for credit and anyone interested in working with us.

If this sounds appealing or you’d like more information, please contact angela*at*aseachange dot net.

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