Acid Test

Acid_testOceana just published a comprehensive report on oceans and climate change, Acid Test. We particularly like the graphic on their site which shows the chemical reactions between carbon dioxide, seawater, and calcium carbonate, the major building block of shells.

The report details the causes and implications—ecological and economic—of ocean acidification, and lays out solutions.

The basic solutions are straightforward. For example, minimizing our carbon footprints (no surprise, there, right?). And protecting marine ecosystems from stressors like pollution and overfishing. But we’ve got to motivate elected officials to legislate these solutions. For starters, let’s see if we can get President-Elect Obama to Poland in December for COP-14, the upcoming international climate change conference building on Kyoto. (And make some pretty profound behavioral changes ourselves)

They also rolled out this video on YouTube. Short and to the point.

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