“Human denial of various colors has unfortunately played a large role in fostering inaction over mitigating global warming’s effects. Ettinger wisely gets around this problem by grounding Huseby’s search for answers as a personal quest. Through the bits of personal background mentioned in the film, the viewer learns the long family tradition behind Huseby’s love of the sea. The grandfather’s loving and playful relationship with his grandson Elias shows Huseby wants to pass this wonderful family tradition on to the next generation but may be prevented from doing so by ocean acidification.

Loving and gorgeous footage of undersea life also reinforces the stakes of the ocean acidification problem. These beautiful shots will put many viewers in touch with their inner Elias.

“A Sea Change” offers information to balance its visual beauties and varieties of love. But the presentation of this information is kept at a layperson level thanks to very vivid real world examples. Dozens of Exxon Valdez-level eco-disasters occurring simultaneously on the world’s coastlines proves a very chilling metaphor for ocean acidification’s effects.”

—Peter Wong, BeyondChron

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