Host a House Party for the US TV premiere of A Sea Change

WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 26, 8 pm EST 

WHERE: Your house & Planet Green Network

SIGN-UP: On our Brave New Theaters page

“This film is both a love letter to the planet and an urgent plea to its citizens.”
—San Francisco Chronicle

Will you host a House Party for the US TV premiere of A SEA CHANGE?

premiers on Sept. 26 on Planet Green, 8 pm EST. Will you help make a HUGE SPLASH and let everyone know about the threat excess carbon dioxide poses to ocean life? If you have cable or satellite TV, please INVITE FRIENDS or FAMILY over to watch with you, discuss, and take action! Just go to A SEA CHANGE on Brave New Theaters to host your own viewing party. Your party can be public or private, just as you choose.


If you’re hosting a house party on Sept. 26 to watch Planet Green, we’ll send you a FREE DVD to say THANKS for helping get out the word out about climate change and the ocean! You can find your Planet Green Channel on their website:
Let’s get ocean lovers and climate change activists working together for a FAIR, AMBITIOUS and BINDING (FAB) climate treaty in December! And start a TSUNAMI of action before COP-15!

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