Salt Water Videos

By Daniel de la Calle Great salty videos in today’s menu.  Why?: Why not? Fish with transparent head: Encounter with whale: Bizarre Japanese fish: Ocean’s Oases: Might not be fair to take sides, but we all like it when the little one gets away:

“The Death of the Oceans?”

By Daniel de la Calle Same day the Census For Marine Life made public the results of those ten years of research (read October 16th blog post) the BBC broadcast a new documentary narrated by David Attenborough and titled “The Death of the Oceans?”. The hour long film shows the outstanding marine footage we have […]

Sao Paulo de Janeiro

By Daniel de la Calle It is 60 degrees, cloudy and windy at times and I am listening to the National’s new record surrounded by maple, oak and pine tress in my office.  No more Tim Maia, Marisa Monte, funky carioca or forró.  No more Os Mutantes.  I will need to close my eyes really […]

Interview on Martha Stewart

A big thanks to Martha Stewart for providing her support in helping us to get the word out on ocean acidification. Here’s a lovely photo of Martha with Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby, on the show: And below you can see the interview: