Support for A Sea Change from Rob Moir, Ocean River Institute

"A Sea Change [the documentary] could not be more timely. I believe acidification of our oceans is actually a greater threat to our survival than is temperature or sea level rise, the conventional "global warming" threats. Acidification is confusing and difficult to even imagine for most people–we need your film. To imagine a world without […]

More words of support for A Sea Change

"Your wonderful film is still resonating deeply with me. I love the way you have created a journey of discovery that is so real and so current in its telling. The use of googling . . traveling . . visiting grandchildren . . . scientists . .  . venture capitalists  . . . and mentors […]

Scenic Hudson blurb on A Sea Change

"Immense and profound." Ned Sullivan, PresidentScenic HudsonScenic Hudson is a non-profit organization which protects and restores the Hudson River.

Support for A Sea Change from Dr. Spinrad at NOAA

“Ocean acidification is a significant part of the climate change story. A Sea Change does a unique and excellent job of conveying this complex scientific issue to the public.”—Dr. Richard W. Spinrad, NOAA Assistant Administrator for Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

Support for A Sea Change from Inside Cinema

“A Sea Change is really terrific! Great content, great visuals + love the message, process and results — It will be a big hit for our conference, especially the inter-generational dialogue and the power of one individual to explore and share and do something. It’s a really smart film and in the context of our […]

Support for A Sea Change from the sustainable fisheries world

"A Sea Change offers a searching, emotionally powerful look at ocean acidification. This problem is sometimes called the "evil twin" of climate change, and many of us regard it as an existential threat to the future of fishing. The story is full of heart, scientifically accurate, and lyrical. It also offers good reason for hope, […]

Support from Greenpeace campaigner for A Sea Change

"[A Sea Change] follows ex-history teacher, activist and grandfather Sven Huseby as he travels to visit various scientists to learn more about the impacts of ocean acidification and tries to find ways to explain the problem to his 5-year-old grandson, Elias. I completely fell in love with Sven and the extraordinarily bright Elias. The people […]

More support for A Sea Change

"A Sea Change is a magnificent synthesis of science and heart."—Anne Alexander Rowley, Chair of Oceana's Ocean Council