On Earth Day this week, Barbara and Sven were announced as 2010 NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Environmental Heroes for their tireless work to bring attention to ocean acidification through A Sea Change.  To see the official announcement, click here.

Better Late Than Never

We’ve just learned that A Sea Change has won the award for Best Environmental Documentary at the 2010 Ventura Film Festival.  That’s right, the 2010 film festival.  Apparently the deliberative process was very intense and drawn out.  But of course we’re proud of the acknowledgment and excited that A Sea Change continues to receive accolades.  […]

Norwegian Broadcast Announced

A Sea Change will be broadcast in Norway on NRK1 at 8:55 a.m. on May 13th.  Our first broadcast was on May 9th on NRK2.  A Sea Change is also available on Nett-TV on under the Norwegian title “Eit hav i endring”.

Delray Beach Film Festival

A Sea Change has been selected to screen at the Delray Beach Film Festival! Check back soon for more details on screening times.

New York City Premiere

Sept. 13, American Museum of Natural History. Free! Filmmakers Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby present. 4 pm; W. 79th St. and Central Park West.

Take Action

Organize a house party and watch the telecast with your neighbors. We’re working on setting up a quick way to email your representatives and express your concern about ocean acidification and the need for the US to lead the way in CO2 emission reduction at COP-15. The oceans aren’t on the table at COP-15. We […]

U.S. Telecast

Sat., Sept. 26, 2009, 8 pm, Planet Green Network. Look for this channel on cable, Direct TV, and more. It’s the first & only 24-hour eco-lifestyle TV network. A Sea Change airs as part of Planet Green’s “Reel Impact” series. We’re in terrific company: also airing are An Inconvenient Truth, Who Killed the Electric Car, […]