Valerie Burgener sums up Sailing to Barcelona

Valérie Burgener was instrumental in coordinating the activities of Sailing to Barcelona, one of the initiatives of the IUCN World Conservation Congress. Here she sums up the successes of the initiative.

One big problem: the boats were a 40-min. metro ride away from the bulk of the Congress activities (at the Forum). So it was hard to coordinate activities, and to create opportunities for experts to interface with the sailors. A shuttle bus would have helped. IUCN: remember that for 2012.

Meanwhile we enjoyed hanging out with sailors, big time. Way back when, we used to sail a sunfish around a lake in Michigan and still know the difference between coming about and jibing (though we may not be able to spell it).

Meanwhile, Valérie is moving on to WWF, where she’ll be putting back on her marine biologist hat, versatile girl.

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