Thank You and Goodbye

By Daniel de la Calle

I have been writing for our blog since early 2010, traveling also on occasions to South America to screen the film and talk about Ocean Acidification.  I cannot list the number of ways in which what seemed like a simple task has enriched my life, providing the perfect excuse to learn about the seas, do online research, discover new places, cultures, foods and people, practice writing and even to find love.  We have all had the experience of planning a quiet stroll that became a life altering journey.  It has been a true privilege to work here and I want to thank Barbara and Sven for having me on their team.  I know when they decided to do A Sea Change the words “Ocean Acidification” could barely be found online or in anyone’s mouths.  Now, six years later, the challenge to post news on the site is choosing amongst the plethora of entries, videos, photos, symposia, job offers, school and academic events and screenings taking place every week.  A Sea Change has clearly contributed to raise such awareness and will surely keep being shown worldwide because its message is as valid today as back in 2009.
This is my last post and I also want to thank you reader, whoever you are, for having checked on the film and read some of these texts.  Let’s hope we can soon write the news that CO2 emissions is a problem finally addressed on a definitive and global scale.
Take care.

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