Take Action Today to Address Ocean Acidification

Our elected representatives will only vote for change if we, theirconstituents, make it clear that strong action is needed now. Urge them to vote infavor of strong protections for the world’s oceans through dramaticreductions in CO2. Here are just a few of the things you can do about the urgent problem of ocean acidification. Please check often; we’ll be adding to this regularly.


NOW is the time to make your voice heard.  The American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), is being negotiated by Congress right now.  Why is this important?  It’s probably the last chance we will have to make sure that the United States goes to the COP 15 negotiation in Copenhagen this December in a leadership position with a national climate change plan of our own.  While it may not be a perfect bill, it’s a critical start, and its opponents are making their voices heard so we have to be even louder.  Our representatives have to know that there is no choice, we must pass the ACES now!

Here are some ways you can contribute:

There is a fax campaign going on right now in support of the ACES at 1Sky

EMAIL your representative today urging a YES vote.  Here’s a form courtesy of the League of Conservation Voters.

We Can Solve It has a number of ways you can make your voice heard, from letters to the editor to meeting with your elected representatives.

MoveOn.org has a petition to protect the Clean Air Act within the bill. 


  • The Ocean Conservancy has a campaign to demand that Congress provide strong protections for the oceans, including the threat of acidification.  Their motto is “Start a Sea Change”.  Sounds good to us!
  • Oceanahas a letter you can write directly to President Obama asking him tocontinue to demonstrate the leadership he has shown where the oceansare concerned.
  • Ocean Champions is encouraging people to write to their reps to support HR21, aka the OCEANS-21 Act, which is important legislation that would unify the more than 140 separate pieces of legislation in 20 Federal agencies to provide a more comprehensive approach to addressing the health of the oceans.  Click here to write a letter in support of this legislation, and click below for more information.

      Spearhead a screening of A Sea Change for World Ocean Day.

      Subscribe to the Ocean Acidification blog sponsored by EPOCA, the European Project on Ocean Acidification.

      Participate in the International Day of Climate Action 350.org is organizing, a distributed day of events for October 24, uniting the world around a common call to action

      Learn more about climate change issues. Excellent places to start:

      Center for Biological Diversity Climate Solutions page, both political and personal

      Climate Change Education, a portal with scores of resources about climate change/global warming

      CO2 Now, where you can see most current atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and find information about their implications

      Current CO2 level in the Earth's atmosphere

      Ride your bike, car pool, or take public transportation instead of driving alone.

      Add a twibbion to your Twitter persona, counting down to COP-15:

      Add your own suggestions for action items below in the comments section.

      Join me at www.350.org

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