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By Hilary, Colin and Daniel de la Calle On my last post I wrote about a University of Florida Research that might have solved “the mystery of where old carbon was stored during the last glacial period”, the answer being that it “ended up in the icy waters of the Southern Ocean near Antarctica.”  I […]

NOAA defines ocean acidification

This is a detailed, clean explanation of what ocean acidification is. Straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, i.e., from the NOAA website. NOAA is the U.S. government agency specifically charged with studying ocean and climate, fyi. You pronounce the acronym just like that guy from the Bible: remember the ark? It stands for […]

A sea change

We’re certainly not the only entity called "A Sea Change." It’s an evocative, enduring phrase, used variously by a brand-new grantmaking entity, an album by Beck, a search firm for ophthalmologists, a photo essay in Mother Jones, and a book about migration in Australia, to name just a few. The phrase comes to us courtesy […]

That pesky elephant in the room–wait, there’s more than one

Courtesy of Google alerts (yet another reason to be grateful to Google, and I’m wondering when they’re going to ask for my first-born child), I discovered the Gerry’s Elephantine Blog. Loving the name and the writing. Intelligent analysis laced with dark humor: my favorite cocktail. Gerry recently posted on climate change and ocean acidification. To […]