Matter Network reviews A Sea Change

Erica Gies reviewed A Sea Change March 6. Here's a brief excerpt (read the whole review here): "Ocean acidification is such a scary problem that many people would rather not think about it — kind of like climate change. But “A Sea Change” goes a long way toward making this uncomfortable topic oh-so-human." In case […]

NBC anchor Wendy Rieger couldn’t get into DC premiere of A Sea Change

This post would belong in the shameless self-promotion category, except that Wendy Rieger wrote the bulk of it; we're just quoting. Anchor of NBC4 in DC, and originator of the "Going Green" strand, she produced a lovely story on A Sea Change. Wendy decided the next day to attend our DC premiere in person, and […]

NBC DC reports on A Sea Change

Anchor Wendy Rieger produced a story on A Sea Change last week, leading up to our premiere Saturday in the DC Environmental Film Festival. Below is an excerpt. Wendy reports on environmental issues regularly in her series “Going Green” on NBC 4 in Washington.

A Sea Change screened at AGU

A Sea Change had its own session at the AGU Fall Meeting on Dec. 16. We screened an excerpt of the fine cut, with Q&A following. Here science journalist Christina Reed introduces the film.

Pray for the pteropods

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” ~ Einstein Fluid, gorgeous little creatures – like winged angels of the sea. Thatʼs how these precious bite-sized beings, the size of a babyʼs fingernail, appeared to Sven Huseby when he first saw them. […]


NEW YORK CITY PREMIERE OF A SEA CHANGE Sept. 13, American Museum of Natural History. Free! Filmmakers Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby present. 4 pm; W. 79th St.. and Central Park West. U.S. TELECASTSat.,Sept. 26, 2009, 8 pm, Planet Green Network. Look for this channel on cable,Direct TV, and more. It's the  first & only […]

Seattle Film Fest Offers NW Premiere of A Sea Change

The Seattle Film Festival presents the Northwest premiere of A Sea Change, the first documentary about ocean acidification. The San Francisco Chronicle says: "This film is both a love letter to the planet and an urgent plea to its citizens." The film screens twice: Monday, June 1, 7 pm, Egyptian Theatre in Seattle; Tuesday, June […]

Grist reviews A Sea Change

"One reviewer has called it a “global warming horror documentary.”And there is certainly plenty to fear as Huseby—and the audience—learnsmore and more about the threat of ocean acidification. He interviewsscientists who tell him 118 billion metric tons (or 118 billion VW Bugsworth) of CO2 have already been absorbed by the ocean. He watches theenamel of […]

Helping get the word out

We have two new partners helping get the word out about ocean acidification, and we're very grateful. First, Alternative Channel, an international Web TV (in 3 languages) devoted to sustainable development. It's a free platform where citizens, corporations, NGOs and NPOs can share uploading videos about sustainable development and humanitarian causes. The channel has 100,000 […]

KGO ABC7 News covers A Sea Change

Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby of Niijii Films interviewed on KGO, ABC 7, just before the West Coast premiere of A Sea Change at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Testimonial for A Sea Change from a Climate Project presenter

"I received A Sea Change after I returned home from work Monday. I finally had a chance today to sit and watch it and I was beyond impressed!  It is a wonderful journey of discovery that Sven and Elias takes us on. So perfectly made. BRAVO!!!  I hope with all my heart that as many […]

A Sea Change screening in San Diego for World Oceans Day

Elena and Dennis of Sea Rocket Bistro appeared on Channel 6 in San Diego to promote their World Oceans Day screenings of A Sea Change. The best advocates we could ask for! Sea Rocket Bistro is a farm-to-table restaurant that focuses on localfoods in order to provide a more physical connection between their guestsand the […]

World Oceans Day Q&A with Filmmakers of A Sea Change

Following a screening of A Sea Change at the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries, Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby answer questions about the film and ocean acidification. The plan was to receive tweeted questions and emails from other venues screening for World Oceans Day. Well, we couldn’t get online: Verizon decided to test its […]