Portland becomes a perennial food forest

We’re hearing a lot about eating local as one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. So increasing the amount of food grown in urban areas seems to make sense. In this video, depave.org instigates the conversion of a disused parking lot in Portland, OR, into a community garden and gathering place. The […]

What we know is a drop in the ocean

It’s darn expensive studying the ocean, as two Australian scientists pointed out recently. That’s the reasonwe know a lot more about what’s going on above sea level. ‘"Marine ecosystems are undoubtedly under-resourced,overlooked and under threat and our collective knowledge of impacts onmarine life is a mere drop in the ocean,’ wrote Dr Anthony Richardson,from The […]

The Gore 10-Year Challenge

Al Gore threw down the gauntlet yesterday, challenging the U.S. to go completely carbon-free in its energy sources within ten years. We have the technology to do it, he claimed, speaking in DC to an enthusiastic crowd. The 50-year goals politicians have been setting, eg, at the recent G8 meetings, just don’t cut it: they’re […]

Prince Charles fuels his Aston Martin with wine

"It is certainly a vintage vehicle. And now Prince Charles’s beloved Aston Martin DB6 is running on vintage too. A nice little white from a vineyard in Wiltshire, to be precise. Aspart of cutting his carbon footprint, the prince has converted the38-year-old classic car – a 21st birthday present from the Queen – torun on […]

A Sea Change at World Conservation Congress

We were delighted earlier this week by an invitation to screen the trailer for A Sea Change in Barcelona next month. The occasion is the World Conservation Congress, a four-yearly gathering sponsored by IUCN. They expect thousands of attendees from civil society, academia, and governments around the world. The structure is a four-day Forum, with […]

New species found in Australian reefs

Remember that tongue-eating fish we mentioned? And the dozens of other new species? See them in living color in this story from NTDTV. The species were discovered by an expedition mounted by the Australian Institute of Marine Science. Scientist JulianCaley says they never expected to find so many new species.It’ll take years just to name […]

Reunion Island Students at the IUCN Sailing to Barcelona Intiative

Click to Play Two charming students from Reunion Island talk about the importance of maintaining biodiversity. They were generous enough to speak with me in English; of course, they were much more comfortable in their native language (French, in case you didn’t know). I hope to post their commentary for the francophones among us soon. […]

Sailing to Barcelona

Our hats are off to those who can attend a conference and blog daily. We can only observe dumbfounded as we stumble into bed after a day and evening of screenings, discussions, serendipitous encounters, and hurried visits to email and that huge congress calendar. Luckily someone had the foresight to create a cheat sheet for […]

First US greenhouse gas auction

Yesterday the first carbon auction in the U.S. took place. But we don’t yet know what happened: that news will be released Monday. The auction was organized by a coalition of 10 northeastern states. The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative was scheduled to begin online sales carbon credits, sales which would then continue on a quarterly […]

Tongue-eating animal lurks in coral

Exciting news this morning, along with the US government’s bail-out of the stock market, was the reporting on the finding of hundreds of new species in coral reefs right off the Australian coast. Evidently they’ve been under our noses this whole time, because the discoveries have been made in popular diving spots. The Age reports […]

Fraser River salmon returns at lowest ebb in 50 years

The Vancover Sun reports that sockeye salmon in the Fraser River are at their lowest count in 50 years. "The department [Fisheries and Oceans Canada] warned as long ago as December 2007 that this year’srun would be exceptionally weak, based on a low number of fish -521,000 – that made it back to spawning grounds […]

Summer Streets in New York City

Regular readers know we don’t limit ourselves to direct reporting on climate change and ocean acidification. No, we gotta take ourselves into the open air sometimes and perk up. Here’s a great carbon-free option for doing just that. Courtesy Streetfilms.

US carbon-reduction goals won’t save coral

The Daily Green is reporting that US carbon goals won’t protect corals, according to a study published in Geophysical Research Letters. Chemical oceanographers Long Cao and Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution’s Dept. of Global Ecology have created a computer model which estimates levels of CO2 in the atmosphere threatening to the ocean environment. According […]

Sylvie Chantecaille at the IUCN World Conservation Congress

The Chantecaille family was well represented in Barcelona, with both mother (Sylvie) and daughters (Alex and Olivia) attending as delegates for the Marine Conservation Biology Institute (MCBI). Mrs. Chantecaille has led the way in leveraging the family’s international cosmetics business into a means of letting women know about marine conservation issues. She said: "We have […]

Olivia Chantecaille at the Oceans Pavilion in Barcelona

Olivia Chantecaille attended the roll-out of a gorgeous booklet called Gems of the High Seas at the Oceans Pavilion. Chantecaille Cosmetics, of which she is creative director, sponsored the booklet’s publication.Gems of the High Seas focuses on six beautiful and endangered regions of the ocean. Ms. Chantecaille said: "The strongest message that I’ve gotten from […]

Information for Action

Information for Action is an environmental website offering a couple of features: An easy-to-use automated lobbying service, allowing you to quickly send emails, letters or faxes to politicians and business leaders all over the world. An educational resourceexplaining the environmental issues, using words, images, maps, graphs,links, and offering solutions and a ‘What you can do’ […]

Our green aspirations

Click to Play Ben Kalina speaks briefly about our plans to produce a film with a small carbon footprint and a big educational footprint, while making art in the process. Yes, and when we’re finished with that, we’ll be balancing the U.S. budget and drinking to world peace. Thanks to Cameron Hickey from Pattern Films […]

Just before the IUCN World Congress

First day in Barcelona. I arrive in the morning, get oriented by the friend I’m staying with.He’s had the foresight to rent an apartment in the old city, walking distance from the harbor. Around 5 pm I go down to Port Vell to meet with Valérie Burgener of the IUCN Sailing to Barcelona Initiative. She […]

McCain weighs in on ocean health

John McCain has now stepped up to the plate presented by the Sciencedebate2008 folks. Hats off to them, by the way, for posing 14 questions to both U.S. presidential candidates.They’ve lined up the answers online, for maximum ease in comparing and contrasting. We of course went right to McCain’s answer on ocean health. FYI, the […]

Next US President, you’re invited to the UN climate meeting

350.org has set up a super-quick way to ask the next U.S. president to join the rest of the human race at the upcoming UN climate meetings.You can generate an email to both McCain and Obama in just about three seconds. What the heck, why not give it a try? Then for good measure, maybe […]


We’d definitely like to see this: star power (Julia Roberts, Woody Harrelson, Sheryl Crow) plus humor (how many french fries does it take to run that thing?) plus scary facts plus solutions. We do wonder about biodiesel as the cure-all, but we don’t know if that’s what he’s proposing. We’ll just bide our time, see […]

Holiday shopping

Oh, my goodness. We are so excited. Last weekend a friend was wearing an awesome T-shirt reading: "Plastic bags blow." And on the back: "BYOB. Bring Your Own Bag." We sourced them at ResusableBags.com. American Apparel. Organic cotton. Water-based ink. $4.95! We usually refuse to wear or give T-shirts with a slogan (though we made […]

Blue Vision Summit begins March 7, 2009

We just found out about this event and are definitely interested in supporting it in some way. Over and over again, ocean scientists, lawyers, and conservationists tell us that we know very little about the ocean and that ocean research is grossly underfunded. We’re also hearing repeatedly that we have very little time to learn […]

Valerie Burgener sums up Sailing to Barcelona

Click to Play Valérie Burgener was instrumental in coordinating the activities of Sailing to Barcelona, one of the initiatives of the IUCN World Conservation Congress. Here she sums up the successes of the initiative. One big problem: the boats were a 40-min. metro ride away from the bulk of the Congress activities (at the Forum). […]